Video Compressor 2019

A simplified software that allows video compression, video cropping, adding watermarks and multiple output formats

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Video Compressor 2019
Video Compressor 2014

Video Compressor is a video compression program designed for everyone. With this software, a user can downsize their video files in a few simple steps. Everyone prefers their videos to include the highest resolution and best audio possible. Bigger and better videos come at the expense of data, though. Therefore, excellent looking videos often take up a lot of space, making them difficult to transfer or share. Using Video Compressor can help a given person avoid this problem with relative ease.

What Video Compressor Does and Why It's Necessary

In simple terms, Video Compressor utilizes a number of tools and techniques to make video files smaller. Compression allows a video to retain most of its quality while keeping the overall file size to a minimum. Certain details and information will be lost in translation, which is unavoidable. However, it's more than possible to take a 1080p file, compress it, and retain that 1080p resolution throughout the process.

Video Compressor is an excellent program because it's lightweight, well-designed, and intuitive. Within a few minutes, users should understand how to compress a video with the program, and that's a testament to how intuitive everything is here. If a user wants to simply downsize a video, they can use the automated compression tools. Simple tweaks can be made to change the resolution or apply various filters.

Then again, Video Compressor works so well because it contains countless options. The resolution can be downgraded with ease. A user can apply various filters and gradients to the video instead. Likewise, high-definition codecs can be used to maintain HD video and sound with ease. It's even possible to choose the overall level of compression, or users can modify the file type of the video to better suit their needs.

A Look At The Negatives With Video Compressor

For better or worse, Video Compressor comes with a Pro version. That's fine and all, but some of the program's best features are absent from the free version. Not all file types for video and audio are supported by the program, either. Also, complete novices to video compression won't necessarily find the advanced features easy to use.

Should You Download Video Compressor?

In the end, Video Compressor is an excellent free program for compressing video files. Plenty of customization options and a great user interface only make the experience better. Most users will find the program offers everything they need to compress their video files. From there, such files can be transferred or shared without having to worry about a gigantic file taking forever to move.


  • Users can output files to a number of common and uncommon formats.
  • A streamlined and simple user interface makes the experience wonderful.
  • Batching allows video compression to be handled in stages for convenience.


  • Best features require a purchase of the Pro version.
  • Not all common file types are supported in Video Compressor.
  • Advanced features come with a slight learning curve to use effectively.

Compressing videos is a great way to ensure that they’ll fit on your mobile and external devices, and this is where a program like VideoCompressor really comes in handy for the everyday PC user.

The VideoCompressor Program

You would be really hard-pressed in this day and age to find a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC monitor that didn't offer at least a 720p HD display. As media becomes better in terms of details and graphics, visual displays need to up their game in order to convey the information in its true colors and frame rates. However, one problem with these HD movies and videos is that they’re typically always very large in size because of the image quality and resolution. With a program like VideoCompressor, even a novice PC user can add a video file to the system and compress it.

Compressing a video pretty much shrinks its size. This is something people do with programs like WinRAR, but the issue there is that the file becomes uncompressed (full-sized) when out of its folder. Compressing with VideoCompressor permanently shrinks the file down, which comes in handy if you’re adding files to your thumb drive, your mobile device, your P24 or Xbox One, etc. For example, a 2GB movie can be compressed down to under 1GB, which saves a ton of space and allows you to add more media to your devices.

Some Key Features of VideoCompressor

A good feature offered by VideoCompressor right out of the gate is its user-friendly layout. It’s a very attractive piece of software, and even novice users can look at things for a few seconds and figure out what to do. It has a drag-and-drop format, so all you have to do is click your file, hold down on the mouse, and drag it over to the program. After that, you can select an array of options.

VideoCompressor has a lot of support for different file types. Similar programs only accept the most common files, such as AVI, WMV, MPEG and a few others. This program accepts the aforementioned, plus FLV, SWF, 3GP, M4V, MOV, RM, MKV and many others.

You can choose from quite a few options When you’re ready to compress. Although you might not be well versed in the more complex settings, you can still choose from a range of different presets, most of which give you the type of resolution you need for the device you’re going to be using. The main goal is to compress the video file, and the final size can be determined by sliding a bar in one direction or another.


  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Multiple file formats supported
  • Not a very large download


  • The trial version is basically worthless
  • Rendering can be very slow
  • There’s more quality loss than there should be with large files

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